Christie Templeton




Christie Templeton, live at The Carolina Opry

Christie Templeton is from Lake Wylie, SC. By the age of 10, Christie had several musicals, talent shows and TV appearances under her belt, including the lead role in the production of Annie. Known as the “little one with the big voice,” Christie’s versatility is unmatched. Christie was a featured vocalist for Grammy Award winning Lee Greenwood and has shared the stage with Billy Ray Cyrus , John Michael Montgomery and the Oak Ridge Boys. Christie’s greatest accomplishment is the day her family “accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, for without Him nothing is possible.” Christie shares her home with original cast member and true love Steve Templeton and their children Lauren and Cole. She gives credit to God, her loving husband, family and fans. “The gift of music is a special thing to have and I will continue to use it for His glory and honor as long as I am able to.”


Q&A with Christie


What’s your favorite phone app?


I guess Instagram. I’m not a gamer…I love looking at photos but I’ve only had a smartphone for little over a year. I kept my big heavy Nokia phone for years. Duct tape and all. It was time but they had to pry it out of my hands.


Best book you ever read?

Well, that’s a hard one. I haven’t read all of The Bible but I believe it is the only and best book you should ever read. Everything about it is the complete truth. After all God is the author. Follow his way and you will have everlasting life.


Last Book you read?

Twilight series…Yes, I’ll admit I am a fan. Not at first. Took me a couple movies in, to read the series.  I felt like it was very clean. And although I don’t believe in vampires it was a great, innocent to a point, love story, in a fiction sort of way. Would love just one more book.  Lol…PLEASE?


Favorite TV Show right now?

All true crime shows…addicted to ID channel but I also love listening to Pastor John Hagee on TBN on Sunday. Sounds weird but to hear what people actually do to others is unbelievable and then listen to John Hagee on Sunday explain the way, the truth, and the life puts things in perspective. I know it sounds weird to like both but I do.


What has been your favorite thing in the show, since you have been here?

Well I love both shows…I’m allowed to be very versatile in both. I LOVE to Rock but I’d have to say ‘I Will Always Love You’ is my favorite. It’s something I had always wanted to do and after not ever having a big love ballad it was a great one that Calvin decided to put in. I had no idea the response I would receive (I  had always sang most of the country hits and didn’t know how fans would react), but it truly humbles me every time I sing it and I see a tear or a smile and sometimes people standing up. I think…are they really doing that?  I hope it means something to them because it does to me. Yes, I am an entertainer but it does something to you when you know a song touches people and has special meaning to them as well as yourself. I thank God for that and for Steve, my husband for telling me to submit it. Thank you Calvin, Steve, and the fans.


Who are your musical influences?

I could sit here all day and name famous vocalists but in reality it would be my first performances in church. My parents, grandparents, and sister (although none of them sing, to my knowledge, lol, they were there at every lesson, performance, talent show I did. My husband (and original Carolina Opry cast member) Steve Templeton also for he will never lie to me about a song. He stands strong for me and helps me improve even though we both have been doing this since we were children. You are never too old or experienced to learn. If you think that then you’ve lost touch with reality. You need someone there to constructively help you. I’ve learned a lot from Stevie T., my best friend, my confidant, my number one fan as I am his.


Do you have a favorite Grand Strand restaurant?

Oh, that’s easy…ANGELO’s down south in Myrtle Beach. Chicken Francese pasta…the lemon sauce to die for…Steve gets the big daddy steak…lol…been going there at least 13 years out of the 15 I’ve been here.


If you were stranded on an island what 3 items would you want to have with you?

My Bible, my diet Sunkist (for those that know me), and a genie bottle to grant me 3 more wishes which would be for my husband, son, and daughter to be there…make it a family affair. No suffering I hope but I love them so. I need them.


Where in the world would you like to visit sometime, that you haven’t already been?

Well, I’ve been pretty lucky…traveling and singing on cruise ships for 5 years has allowed me to go from Hong Kong to Australia to the Netherlands. But I’d love to go to the Holy Land…it must be amazing to see… and talk about a spiritual experience!?!!! Nothing would or could compare to that.


What is your favorite thing to do during your vacation weeks?

Always spent on Lake Wylie where my parents live. So peaceful. Boats, wave runners…cookouts. FAMILY is important. I have an 84 year-old gma left…don’t want to miss my time with her or any of my loved ones. I used to feel guilty for being so far away, but my gpa Boyd Johnston right before he passed several years ago told me not to cry because I was doing what God gave me…my gift from above and to use it wherever it took me. He was a very proud and faithful man. My only niece and nephew graduate this year and in 2015, I can remember them onstage at Christmas when they were so little and now we have a daughter getting married and a son who will be 14. So spending vacation with family is important to me.


What is your favorite pro sports team?

No pro, but college. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA BABY!!! Gamecocks all the way. I even wear my Gamecock hat and crow during football season while performing our comedy routine Run GMC. I go to football games in Columbia then drive back to the show if it’s an early game.


Do you have any pets?

Geezy peezy…we recently got rid of goats, pigs, and my raccoon who actually left me for another woman…lol. I also had a baby deer I tried to nurse back to health. She passed but I will  never forget that experience. As of right now we have 3 dachshunds (one is a rescue) a Jack Russell, a Siamese cat, 2 hunting dogs in back…a few pigeons…one guinea bird…and a rescue cat who was pregnant and just had 4 kittens….anybody want one??? Lol…Hey,  I love my little home (I call it my house in the prairie except it’s my little house in Conway) on the 2 acres we have. I love animals obviously. Besides could you imagine the chaos if I had all these animals in the city? Not a chance, and besides I’m just a country girl who loves the Lord, her husband, children and just happens to love to sing and perform 6 night a week at the Carolina Opry…Bet you were surprised about me weren’t ya?
Come see us and we will put on an incredible show…stay afterward and you might hear a funny story or two. I am honored to share the stage with all these extremely talented people and thank God for each day I am able to.