Mark Clifford


 Clogger, All That!


Mark Clifford started his dancing career at the age of five. In 1996 Mark accepted a dance scholarship to Mars Hill College where he studied and received a B.A. for Corporate Communication. As a national instructor Mark has traveled all across the United States teaching master classes and choreography for many clogging teams. With international travels, Mark has performed in Austria, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and now Hong Kong. Mark has been a member of All That! since the group’s inception.



Q&A with Mark


What’s your favorite phone app?

Sound hound


Favorite TV Show right now?


What has been your favorite thing in the show, since you have been here?

Eric, Bogie and Trent’s Jeopardy skit


Who are your musical influences?

I don’t actually have any musical influences although dance wise my biggest influences would be the “King of pop”, Michael Jackson, as well as the best tap dancer, Gregory Hines and the legendary Bruce Lee for his swift, smooth movements.


What is your favorite meal?



Do you have a favorite Grand Strand restaurant?

California Dreaming


Where in the world would you like to visit sometime, that you haven’t already been?



What is your favorite thing to do during your vacation weeks?

Relaxing with my girlfriend and enjoying dinner at regular hours!


What is your favorite pro sports team?

Carolina Panthers


Do you have any pets?