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We want the best experience for you when attending one of our award winning shows! You can always book on-line but if you have special needs or concerns we would love to hear from you and help you find the best seating for your needs. Call 1-800-843-6779 and our agents can help ensure you have the best experience!


General FAQ


Q: What time should I arrive at the theater?

A: Most of our live events feature a pre-show. Generally it is a safe target to arrive between 45 minutes and 30 minutes prior to the show time.


Q: What happens if I arrive late?

A: If you arrive after the curtain has gone up, you will be seated at the manager’s discretion and the specific seats you reserved my no longer be available. Some numbers in our show use very dim lighting and special effects and you may have to wait until these numbers are over to be seated, for everyone’s safety.


Q: Is there a dress code at the theater?

A: We see everything from casual to dress. Some patrons are more comfortable in shorts and flip flops and others like to dress up a little for date night!


Q: Are any of your shows appropriate for children?

A: Yes, all of our shows are appropriate and fun for all ages! With our shows you don’t have to choose between a kids activity that is a little cheesy for mom and dad, and a high quality “grown up” experience that is boring for the kids – our shows are some of the best quality you will find in the country and designed for the whole family!


Q: Do you allow smoking?

A: The Calvin Gilmore Theater is a smoke free facility. Outdoor smoking areas have been designated for your convenience.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 8901 North Kings Highway right next to Dolly Parton’s Pirates Voyage. Click here for a map.


Q: How do I buy a gift certificate?

A: Gift Certificates may be purchased by contacting our call center at (800) 843-6779 or at the theater box office during normal operating hours.


Q: How do I redeem a gift certificate?

A: Gift Certificates may be redeemed by contacting our call center at (800) 843-6779 or bringing them to the theater box office during normal operating hours.



Ticketing FAQ


Q: How do I buy a ticket online?

A: Click here to view online ordering instructions.


Q: Why can’t I select my exact seats from my mobile device?

A: The site works best with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or FireFox. At this time the online ticketing does not allow iPhone to be able to pick your exact seat, they will allow you to buy best available. If you would like additional assistance selecting the best tickets for your party, please consult our Seating FAQ page


Q: I did not receive an email confirmation for my tickets. How can I tell if my order was processed?

A: Contact our call center at (800) 843-6779 and we will help verify your order.  Call Center Standard Hours: 9am to 8pm M-Sat; 1pm to 6pm Sundays (seasonally).


Q: Can you mail my tickets?

A: Yes, however there is a $3 fee and ticket mailing is only available for locations within the continental United States and Canada.


Q: Once my purchase is confirmed can I make changes or get a refund?

A: Tickets purchased for Gilmore Entertainment events are non-refundable.  However, we to offer a liberal transfer and rain check policy for guests that contact us well in advance of the performance and request changes to their order.


Q: Why do you have to use reCAPTCHA?

A:, our 3rd party supplier of ticketing, is trying to protect you, our fans, from online computer programs or “bots.” It is just a way to make sure you are a human and not some malicious software.


Q: Where do I pick up will call tickets?

A: The theater box office is located to the left as you enter the lobby from the front of the theater.


Q: What are your prices?

A: Prices vary with the specific event you are attending and the desired seating location. Visit our pricing page for a full listing of prices for our main productions.


Q: Do you offer discounted tickets?

A: Most of our performances offer pricing tiers for students and children. (See full list of pricing tiers here.) We also offer tremendous savings on multi-show packages, vacation packages and season passes. (Visit our Deals Page for more information on these.) We also offer General Admission ticketing for those willing to be a little more flexible. (Visit our General Admission page for more details.) We also offer discounted rates for groups of 22 or more. Please call our group sales department for pricing at 800-633-1508. (Photo ID is required for tickets purchased on promotions including Season Pass tickets, Package tickets, and other reduced price programs.)


Q: Is there a service charge added to the ticket price?

A: Currently there is not a charge. Our 3rd party ticketing company does charge us a fee for every ticket and we pay it for you!


Q: What do I need to bring to the theater to pick up my tickets?

A: Photo ID may be required to verify identy of guest.  Photo ID is required for tickets purchased on promotions including Season Pass tickets, Package tickets, and other reduced price programs.


Q: Do I need my tracking number to retrieve my tickets?

A: The tracking number, or confirmation number, is not required to pick up tickets at the theater box office. However, sometimes it does speed up the process if you have it available.



Special Needs Seating FAQ


Q: Where are the best seats for those of us that need a little more leg room?

A: We have installed new seating and all of our rows have been expanded in leg room by at least 11″ or more! (Well, all except section F, row 9.) Our tallest team members have tested the seats and here are their favorites: front row of section B, front row of sections E, F, and G, Row 10 of sections D and H.


Q: Where are the best seats for guests who are a little smaller?

A: For guests who are a little smaller we suggest Sections A, B, and C. With our new seating, the stage is even farther from the front row and low enough that you will have a perfect view and no seats in front of you.


Q: What if I need to spread out a little more?

A: Great news! All of our seating has been replaced with plush, wider seating with movable armrests! However, the roomiest seats are in B section, every seat in that section is at least 23 inches wide but most are 24″ wide. We further have Special Needs seating straight chairs that connect into bench style seating. We also have a Special Needs bench located in the back of D and H Sections.


Q: How do I book wheelchair seating and where is that located?

A: You can book wheelchair seating on-line but we strongly recommend that you call us at 1-800-843-6779 so that we can tell you about all of our additional options, like Wheelchair Transfer Disability aisle seats, and help you find the best seat for your needs. (See below for more details on transfer seating.)


Q: What options do you have for customers that are able to transfer to theater seats?

A: Here is one of the coolest features of our new seating! All aisle seats on the ground floor are Disability Aisle Transfer seats. This means the seat arm raises completely out of the way and the customer can be transferred into our theater seat. Your mobility assistance device will be located in the auditorium as close to your seat as possible without blocking the entrance or exit of other guest, as defined by Code Enforcement. Call us we would be happy to explain more, 1-800-843-6779.


Q: Do you have height restrictions to help ensure visibility of all customers?

Yes, In order to ensure the viewing capabilities of all guests, Calvin Gilmore Theater has a limit of 48″ height, from the theater floor to the top of the head of the seated guest. Any guest that in their sitting position is higher than 48″ may be asked to lower their seating height if possible or to relocate to another area of the theater that does not inhibit the view of other guests. We respectfully request guests to remove their hats – especially you cowboys!


Q: Do any seating areas have any poles or obstructions that would block my view?

A: No! Our theater has no poles or obstructions and all seats provide a clear view of the stage.


Q: What options do you have available for guest with a Hearing Impairment?

A: Calvin Gilmore Theater offers audio clarification devices for guests with hearing disabilities.  This service is free of charge.  Hearing devices are available in the box office and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.




You can access all ground levels without any steps.
All patrons with mobility disabilities should enter via the front entrance of the Theater. There are concrete ramps for easy access to the building on both sides of the main entrance. Handicapped parking is available by the front doors of the Theater, as well as overflow special needs parking located on the east parking lot.


Seating for Wheelchair Users and Persons with Mobility Disabilities


Calvin Gilmore Theater has several designated seating areas for wheelchair users and all are located on the main floor. They are:
• Premium Section – Sections A and C row 1
• Regular Section – Sections A and C rows 2 through 6 on the outside aisle, Sections D and H rows 7, 8 and 17
If the patron prefers, they may sit in their reserved seat, and their wheelchair will be stored by an usher at the back or side areas of the auditorium. Wheelchairs may not be stored or occupied in the aisle as per fire regulations. Aisle seating is also available for patrons with mobility disabilities. All of the main floor seats in the Calvin Gilmore Theater have movable arm rests.


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