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Most recent customer feedback:

“Every time I come to see TCO and Time Warp they are awesome. I absolutely love the added Elvis segment with Brad Long in TCO show. Great job Brad! I’m so thankful for the addition of Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead to the Time Warp show. It was my brothers fav and it’s like he’s there with me at the show. It made me tear up and smile at the same time. I’ve been coming to The Carolina Opry on a regular basis since I moved here in 1996. It never disappoints! Thank you all for what you do! Truly amazing!”

– Scoobdo, via TripAdvisor, 8/19/17


“What an incredible night! Great show! Amazing singers, talented musicians, beautiful dancers and super duper cloggers! So fun! Bring your friends, family, neighbors, etc. to see this wonderful show. It’s not really a show-it’s an experience!”

– Sandy B, via TripAdvisor, 8/11/17


“So professional and fast paced. Amazing singers, dancers, costumes and lighting. Will definitely be going again!”

– Jspatts, via TripAdvisor, 7/25/17


“Took our 7 and 9 year olds. They loved and are asking to go back!”

– Michael V, via Google, 7/20/17


“We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the TCO show. It was very entertaining and all the performers were excellent! We loved the variety of the different acts.”

– Musiclover693, via TripAdvisor, 6/12/17


“We thoroughly enjoyed the Time Warp show. The songs took us back to a good time in our lives. The music was upbeat. The performers were very enthusiastic. It was a most enjoyable show. The audience seemed to be engaged with the performers. There were people of all ages…a really good show.”

– Jackie1947_65, via TripAdvisor, 6/5/17


“We are locals and go at least once a month. When we take visitors they can’t believe the quality of the singing and the shows. There is a show with all types of music and one that is the 60s 70s and 80s music. I love them both. Don’t miss this Myrtle Beach show.”

– Jeannedenz, via TripAdvisor, 5/25/17


“This show does justice to all the advertising hoop-la you see all over Myrtle Beach. I would go back in a minute just to see the opening segment, which leads us right into the realization that THIS is how American music evolved… The pace never lets up. Don’t just sit there reading this! Go order tickets and have a wonderful time for yourselves!”

– Travelmouse011, via TripAdvisor, 5/11/17


“Great singing dancing and comedy that is family friendly. There is a faith undertone and a love for country that I love and appreciate. Just a great show all around. Go and enjoy a wonderful evening.”

– Jeff S., 4/18/17


“The show was fantastic. The singers, dancers, and cloggers were all outstanding. The performers were very talented, the scenery and costumes were great and we had a fabulous time.”

– Robert M., 4/5/17


“The show is amazing. The songs are all performed so well and so close to the original. They are so energetic and bring back so many memories.”

– Jerry B., 3/1/17


“We all enjoyed the show from young to old between all the great music and costume changes there is some great talent there . The comedy was surprisingly funny and had even the youngest children laughing . The nite was filled with good wholesome fun . I would recommend it for anyone of any age.”

– DominickDimelfi, via TripAdvisor, 3/1/17


“Amazing group of talented performers! Great show and beautiful venue! Definitely will go see other shows. Well worth the $$.”

– DominickDimelfi, via TripAdvisor, 2/21/17


“Great venue, entertainment for every age. Music, comedy and variety keep you engaged and brings that Christmas joy home.”

– Dean S., via TripAdvisor, 12/16/16


“You always get a great show here. They are the most energetic performers you will see anywhere. This is a great value!”

– Bludash., via TripAdvisor, 11/29/16


“Wow!!! Such a fantastic show! There is a reason why The Carolina Opry has been the #1 attraction for 31 years. Must see!”

– StefanieJ., via TripAdvisor, 11/6/16


“This was a great show and definite must-see…everyone was spectacular. You’re sure to love it!”

– kswilliams78., via TripAdvisor, 11/4/16


“We went to the 31st Carolina Opry Christmas Show – I’ve been to a lot of Christmas shows and I can safely say that it’s the very best Christmas Show that I have seen in my life! A great variety of song, dance and comedy. The guys did tap dance and were fantastic! The orchestra was wonderful, piano playing superb. All dancers fantastic. I just can’t say enough about this concert. It was a little over 3 hours and well worth it. Haven’t gone to a show that was that long. There was never a lull and everything tied in so well! It’s a MUST SEE!”

– LindaSti of Euless, TX, November 2016


“This performance was outstanding! We expected an all country show but it turned out that there were a variety of music genres. There was singing, dancing, and comedy. A group of all male cloggers, All That, were outstanding. This is surely one of the best shows in Myrtle Beach!”

– Betsy H., via TripAdvisor, 9/23/16


“What a show.[Thunder and Light] “All That” are amazing. These guys are a must-see. They are spectacular. The show ended way to soon. I can’t say enough about how good this was and how much it was enjoyed. The magic show was also very good and entertaining. You have to go and see the show.”

– wvallycat via TripAdvisor, 9/16/16


“The entertainment is top-notch! My wife and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I have attended the show for many years and brought my wife for the first time this year. She really enjoyed the show and we will definitely return. From the beautiful theater to the professional performers, everything is wonderful! The show is definitely worth the money. I would highly recommend The Carolina Opry to anyone while at Myrtle Beach.”

– heavner95 via TripAdvisor, 9/6/16


“We went to the Time Warp show last night at TCO. Great music, beautiful costumes, talented musicians. Worth the time and money!”

– wvukay via TripAdvisor, 8/31/16


“We saw Time Warp, and it was incredible! Absolutely amazing performers. Being 50 years old and loving music, I know every song from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and this group couldn’t have covered it better. The musicians were outstanding! We had such a good time!”

– MsDrezer via TripAdvisor, 8/6/16


“The best show that I have seen. All the performers are unbelievable. They are better than some of the ” stars” that are out there now. I would see this show again and again.”

– Heather M via TripAdvisor, 7/11/16


“Just saw the show… It was amazing! I can’t decide which part was my favorite! Thank you all for sharing your talents!”

– Emily T., 6/23/16


“My daughter and I saw the Thunder and Light w/ All That today. We absolutely loved it! The show, the people, the music…it was all amazing! Thank you so much!”

– Lila M., 6/16/16


“We got tickets for both shows, saw Time Warp first night, awesome energetic show while enjoying the great memories of the 60, 70 & 80’s music!! Next night we saw the Carolina Opry Show which was amazing. We laughed, sang & saw the emotions of each one in the show & how caring they were! Large variety of talent from every walk of life. Would attend again & again! ”

– Patricia W via TripAdvisor, 5/19/16


“This is a must see for any age!! I sang my heart out and couldnt stop moving my feet! The performers and dancers are excellent! We are ready to go back and see it again!!”

– Jeanette H via TripAdvisor, 5/12/16


“Recommended by a friend’s aunt so we went. Sooooo glad we did. This is a group of very talented people. They sing, dance and play multiple instruments. The stage production is first rate. Well worth the price, which is very inexpensive. I wanted to make this my shortest review by just saying ” fantastic” but trip advisor wanted more!”

– TheCookAtLarge via TripAdvisor, 4/25/16


“Since it opened Carolina Opry has had much success due to hiring great talent. Fabulous dancers and musicians round out the performing talent. It’s regular show features all types of music, not just country, but gospel, bluegrass, Broadway, pop, etc. The Time warp show is fun and will take you way back in time- with costumes to match!”

– TVHost via TripAdvisor, 4/25/16


“WOW!!! TCO rocks!! Just witnessed the performance and show of a lifetime. Absolutely blew us away. It was a privilege being entertained by artists with such awesome talent. Already thinking of planning another trip so we can see Time Warp as well.”

– LWOODFV via TripAdvisor, 3/28/16


“I took my wife and my parents to this family oriented show. It was great. I am highly interested in going to one of their Laser Light shows. We need more places like Carolina Opry. Friendly outgoing staff.”

– Katie S., 3/23/16


“We saw TCO and Thunder and Light. Both good and the value is see the second show for only $15. We enjoyed ourselves, not a bad seat in the house.”

– Tom, 2/23/16


“After many annual trips to Myrtle Beach and hearing many great things about the Carolina Opry we made a special trip to the beach with the Christmas Show a major objective. We were not disappointed. This show was fantastic. We highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a musical stage show and both traditional and non traditional Christmas music.”

– Albert T., 12/29/15


“The theater puts you in a Christmas mood upon entering. Beautiful décor and lighting. Great talent in both singers and dancers mixed with family comedy. If you have never seen “All That” the clogging group now in residence, they are absolutely fantastic. This and their regular season show is well worth the money. ”

– Gene R., 12/18/15


“My wife and I enjoyed the Christmas show. Was very entertaining, well performed and we feel like we got our a lot for the money. Will definitely come see other shows.”

– Brad G., 12/10/15


“The best show in the state. We went to see the 2015 Christmas show. Along with beautiful sets and wonderful dancers. We heard some of the most talented people making beautiful music. Its a show for the entire family, it brought out the true spirit of Christmas even this early. You simply cant go wrong. ”

– Von220 via TripAdvisor, 11/16/15


“…The show was fantastic. Some of my favorite music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. All the performers were amazingly talented…”

– Jen H., 8/25/15


“Absolutely loved tonight’s TCO show. We’ve seen many through the years, but I will have to say this was the BEST.”

– Karen Z., 7/14/15


“Hands down this is one of the best shows I have ever seen! I was voiceless by the end of the show from singing, laughing and screaming so loud! I will be telling everyone I know that they CANNOT miss seeing this show! Thank you for such a wonderful evening!”

-Trish K., 6/18/15


“Thank you Mr Gilmore for 30 years of fantastic shows. I’ve been fortunate to be a loyal fan since the beginning. Three or four times a year plus the Christmas Special we sit front row and enjoy the exceptional talent of all. They are my “onstage family. Thanks again.”

-Alva J., 5/2/15


“Awesome show tonight..15th year seeing TCO and it gets better every year.”

-Terri S., 4/30/15


“Just left the New [Time Warp] Show! ! Great Job, best it’s ever been. All the cast is great, using all of that talent.”

-Jacqueline O., 4/7/15


“Wonderful show, and everyone should see it. Incredibly entertaining and top quality production!”

-Chuck Q., 3/25/15


“Saw it [Thunder & Light] …. absolutely loved it!! Being part of the audience made me walk out of the theater thinking I could dance!!!”

-Connie P., 3/3/15


“No surprise to me that TCO was picked as the best attraction in Myrtle Beach. Nothing else compares. The talent is incredible.”

-Oscar G., 2/17/15


“I love everything about the shows I’ve been to… Always top notch, first class.”

-Linda B., 2/12/15


“We already have front row tickets for Good Vibrations on April 29!”

-Barbara J., 1/2/15


“Enjoyed every minute. Don’t think we have missed a Christmas show since before you moved from Surfside location. We feel like we personally know the stars. TCO is the best.”

-Miriam C., 12/15/14


“Love it! Been going for over 25 years. It’s not Christmas until I see your Christmas show.”

-Donna P., 12/9/14


“I absolutely love everything about the Christmas Show! It definitely gets you into the Christmas Spirit. I try and go every year!”

-Jackie L., 11/14/14


“I was there this past Saturday night, it was excellent as usual. I have been a faithful fan for over 20 years!! Love it!”

-Brenda F., 11/3/14


“They don’t get more entertaining than these people…Love me some CAROLINA OPRY!”

-Linda W., 10/28/14


“This show [Thunder & Light] is absolutely amazing!!!”

-Kimberly P., 10/3/14


“Seriously obsessed with the amazing All That! Such a fun show!!! They are soooo talented and energetic!!!!”

-Annie S., 9/25/14


“We always come to both shows every summer. Now it’s time for us to see the Christmas show! Sure hope to see a lot of Christie Templeton! What a beautiful voice she has!”

-Debi B., 9/15/14


“Great show tonight! Tangena Church, Christie Templeton and Rita Gumm all gave me goosebumps with their passionate singing. Such wonderful talent all around.”

-Terri E., 9/03/14


 “My goodness…Diamonds Are Forever. I think I heard glass shattering when she hit those notes. Puts a whole new meaning to Good “Vibrations”. Just impossible for any show, anywhere to be any better. “

-Deon C., 8/21/14


“One of the best 60’s, 70’s & 80’s shows I’ve ever been too. Authentic costumes & the renditions were spot on especially of Janis Joplin & Roy Orbison.”

-Sharon M., 8/1/14


“We went to the show last night and it was the best show ever. Great for all ages my mother at 70 to my 9 year old son loved it. :) Music was incredible and comedy acts were fabulous.”

-Leslie S., 7/24/14


“Another great night at the Carolina Opry! The talent packed on that stage is incredible! It always completes our vacation!!!”

-Moriah E., 7/4/14


“I love Carolina Opry AND Good Vibrations! I could watch All That for hours! We never go to the beach without seeing one of the shows!”

-Yavonne B., 6/27/14


“Went to Carolina Opry tonight. The show was amazing!! We got to talk to some of the cast after the show!!! Such wonderful people!!”

-Kim E., 6/24/14


“Carolina opry is the best show we’ve ever seen! We enjoy the Christmas show also. All the performers are so friendly and professional. Thanks!”

-Sheri W., 6/10/14


“Always a great show , seeing both shows is the best deal ,and well worth it to me . We’ll be back next year ,maybe sooner.”

-William W., 6/2/14


“We have seen [The Carolina Opry & Good Vibrations] several times and love it and love the jokes …. The energy is amazing.”

-Joyce C., 6/2/14


“Loved the new seats but love “Good Vibrations” even more!! SO talented and awesome to watch! Although we have a favorite, because we do it too…we love “ALL THAT!

-Misty C., 5/13/14

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