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Top reviewed venue in Myrtle Beach: The Calvin Gilmore Theater

Featuring 2 award-winning shows, TCO and Good Vibrations

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“Top attraction in Myrtle Beach.”

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The New York Times

“A hit with visitors.”

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“Calvin Gilmore is getting Myrtle Beach in tune with the entertainment world.”

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The Huffington Post

“World Class Entertainers that blew us away….literally.”

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USA Today

“A big hit.”

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The Wall Street Journal

“…a fast-paced all-American show…”

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NBC Nightly News

“The man who is turning Myrtle Beach in to a country music capital is Calvin Gilmore.”

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Honorable Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina

“Gilmore set an example as an entertainer and entrepreneur by giving priority to his family and family entertainment.”


Southern Living

“An entertainment Phenomenon.”

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Talk about high-energy. That’s entertainment.”

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The Sun News

“An Opry jump from here to Nashville.”

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GS Magazine

“The father of strand’s theater industry.”

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CMA Close-Up Magazine

“The premiere entertainment venue on the eastern seaboard.”

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Daily Variety

“Myrtle Beach has Calvin Gilmore to thank.”


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Country Weekly

“Calvin Gilmore leads Myrtle Beach entertainment boom.”


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South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

“Country Music Ambassador of South Carolina.”
“Awarded the ‘Governor’s Cup’, the state’s highest tourism award.”


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US Airways

“Country’s authority. Calvin Gilmore.”


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Saturday Evening Post

“Calvin Gilmore…got the country music ball rolling in 1986 when he opened The Carolina Opry.”


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Dallas Morning News

“Myrtle Beach has blossomed. For that you can thank Missouri-born…Calvin Gilmore.”

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The Hollywood Reporter

“Gilmore’s new country mecca: Myrtle Beach”

Calvin Gilmore Theater is the only theater in Myrtle Beach to receive national press acclaim. Want to see more Myrtle Beach Show Reviews? Don’t just take our word for it, see what real customers like you think about our shows! For more Myrtle Beach Show reviews for Calvin Gilmore Theater, visit us on Facebook! For more reviews about the Myrtle Beach Area, check out this Best in Myrtle Beach Top 10 List!


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